How to Use Team and Company Websites

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The purpose of the MagicH2o Team Website is to make your business duplicatable.   It is designed to allow you to learn, introduce, and train without needing a live upline.  It is designed to be a one stop shop for “finding and presenting” key points without taking your prospect off track.  Any page can be linked to directly and QR codes can be made to put on flyers etc.  (QuickMark QR Code Extension)

Links:   Main Site – Links to Company

  • Links to Company from “ORDER” links coded to you.
  • Keep it simple.  The first 2-minute video should get the person to try the product.
  • The product video should be next if they need the details.
  • The Opportunity and Research are later links if people ask questions.
  • The “Tools” link is for later serious marketing and strategy.  Heavy Business Focus

  • Links to MagicH2o Main Site from “Product” link coded to you.
  • Has Millionaire Club video, Prospecting Chart and Millionaire Club Chart   Retail Site Directory of links

  • Links to Company from “ORDER” links coded to you as retail customer.
  • Personal Testimonials for quick intro.
  • Links to your MagicH2o Main Website below coded to you for more pictures.
  • Focused on selling the product without business distractions
  • 95% of Members are only customers not referring so sign as customers and convert later.
  • Use the link above and select the testimony to send, then copy the link to send that testimony.   Soft Sale - Less Business

  • Links to Company from “ORDER” links coded to you as retail, preferred customer or member.
  • Same as main site below but NO TOOLS.   Team PRP Website – NO LINKS

  • Site with no network information. Professional Retail ONLY.
  • Do not market to professionals until you know what you are doing.

  • Recommend you link via the MagicH2o site to get prospects to the member order page.
  • Click Neumi name at the top of the page for other options.
  • Log into your back office, click “Training then Training Courses”.
  • Go through “Getting Started” to set up all your account information and learn the site.  Company Social Share Site

  • You must be invited and must agree to join.  Put your sponsors name for inviter.
  • After entering go to the “Guide” and look at and check “done” on each item in the 6 guides
  • Invite up to 10 friends and DO NOT SPAM or you will be banned.

Neumi App for Android and Apple – This is a must to connect to what is going on.

  • Download the app from Google Play or Apple Store.
  • Log in with your Neumi credentials.
  • Click “Next” on all screens until you get notice you are set up.  You will do the details later.
  • Log back in and go to the bottom of the app and click the + sign under “Cards”.
  • Turn on all notifications for the beginning.  You can change them later.
  • Check the icons on the bottom for Home, Media, Prospects, Calendar, and Notifications.
  • There is a desktop version in your back office. Best for email and social media.


Other Documents and Videos:

Support documents (PDF) can be downloaded and printed. The documents and vdeos are only found from this page to avoid confusion for new members. Those serious about their business will check out all of the websites above and below.

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