Business Rules

How to Place Members

  • Register
  • $100 Welcome Pack 1
  • You Quarterly Home Delivery
  • Engage Front Line 30 Days
  • Structure Organization
  • 50% Rule
  • Build Quarterly Home Delivery
  • 3 Front Line Quarterly
  • 9 Second Level Quarterly
  • 27 Third Level Quarterly
  • Warning
  • Hints

The script for the video is below and can be translated into any language using the Google Translate button directly above the video on this page.

This quick video is to teach you the business rules you need to follow to be successful.

  1. Register as a Member – You cannot earn without being a member and purchase $100 of product monthly.
  2. Immediately purchase a quarterly Home Delivery to start on the first of the NEXT month.  Do this even if the next month starts tomorrow.  You need 100 of monthly volume to qualify for commissions and this will qualify you for three MORE months.  This pack will provide you with four swish and two spray and an extra bottle of swish as a bonus.  This package is paid for and shipped on the ship date. You are going to need product for personal use and local customers who want product now.  You will automatically be set to reorder in another three months, so you do not accidently forget.  Having the quarterly Home Delivery commits you and ALERTS your upline.  (Some people will not engage quarterly Home Delivery.  Train them why before the first of the next month if they are engaging for business.)
  3. Engage everyone you sponsor on your front line for up to 30 days.  Move YOUR individuals before the end of their 30 days according to the following rules:
    1. Always try to maintain half or more of your business outside of ONE LINE.  This is easy to check.  Check YOUR volume and check your largest FRONT LINE.  If your volume is not twice as big, you need to focus building on another LINE.  The back office will alert you by showing your Capped Rank Volume, and if it is less than your Group Qualifying Volume.  You will NOT see this until an order has already paid that crosses the end of the month.  This is another reason for Quarterly Home Delivery starting on the FIRST so you can see your data for the full month.
    2. There are no family and friends when determining placement.  Do NOT build under someone who is not on quarterly Home Delivery!  You are better to start another line than to build under someone who could destroy your Power of Three Bonus.  You might need to break this rule if you have no Front Line on Quarterly Home Delivery.
    3. Your first goal is to get three front lines on Quarterly Home Delivery so you can start building your Power of Three Teams.  Balance volume under no more than three teams on quarterly Home Delivery until you are Diamond.  Six good members on Quarterly Home Delivery is okay for your front line but focus on building the three most active first.
    4. Move extra members on Quarterly Home Delivery second level directly under your three members currently on quarterly Home Delivery, only if they have personally enrolled three or more ACTIVE members or customers, and they currently do not have three members on Quarterly Home Delivery on their FRONT LINE.   Work with your three Quarterly Home Delivery team members until they each have three Front Line on quarterly Home Delivery.  This is your second goal to build nine committed members on Quarterly Home Delivery equally under your three Front Line committed members.
    5. Move all others as their time expires to the third level under a second level member on Quarterly Home Delivery.  You will keep this up until you have secured your twenty-seven members on quarterly Home Delivery correctly distributed insuring your $1500 Power of Three Bonus.
    6. Now start a new group of three and build a second Power of Three group.  Once you have your second $1500 bonus you can keep duplicating this process.
  4. WARNING – STOP - DID I MENTION TO PAY ATTENTION – Immediately stop building under someone who stops their Quarterly Home Delivery.  They KILL your $1500 bonus.  Start another line at that level.  Just being on a Monthly Home Delivery is not enough commitment to risk your $1500 Bonus.


A good sales mentor once told me, “You are not selling pots and pans until you own pots and pans.”  Be a product of the product.
Businesspeople do not SELL inventory unless they are a retail outlet.  Instead, make your customer order, ship to you, and you give them product immediately.

Do not give product away, it has limited value.  Do not trade product for something else unless you value it more than your product.

If you are going to provide product, as example for a patient in a clinical study, make sure the doctor is committed first.  If the doctor does not see the value of purchasing the product FIRST for personal use, they are not committed enough to provide product for trials. 

The same goes for a store on consignment.  They must order the product first for personal use before consigning product to the shelf.  Any product sold at retail ($65 plus tax and shipping) in the store MUST be replaced with a new order directly from the company.

Your income is dependent on commitment, effort, and sales skill along with where you live, your financial condition and other factors. No one is going to do the work for you.

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