Goal Setting

Path to Millionaire

  • Focus on Goals
  • Details will happen
  • Watch What is Your Business Worth
  • Prospecting Chart
  • Millionaire Chart
  • Follow Up
  • Get 3 to Get 3 to be Set Free

The script for the video is below and can be translated into any language using the Google Translate button directly above the video on this page.

This video will help you set goals and provide a way to reach them.

Your goals are the MOST important part of life for your success.  Your mind will create what you focus on.  If you focus on details, you will learn details.  If you focus on your goals, your mind will take care of the details.

The “What is your Business Worth” video puts into perspective how much your business is worth as you progress.  The video not only demonstrates the value of your business, but it does mini goals like avoiding bankruptcy, offsetting inflation, buying your dream home, or becoming a millionaire.

Once you watch the video, download both the Prospecting Chart and Millionaire Chart.

Let’s look at the Prospecting Chart first.  Depending on your goal and how well you train others to set their goals will determine the number of charts you will need.  Make as many copies of this chart as necessary.  If you are serious, you will make at least five or six copies. 

Fill out the prospects immediately with PHONE NUMBER.  If you do not have a phone number, then get one from them.  Sending email is seldom effective.  This list should contain everyone you know and everyone you casually engage with, including your UPS driver and the checker at the grocery store.

Call them up, mark in pencil when you spoke, then set an appointment to review both your product and the millionaire video.  Remember, the compensation plan is a “detail”, you want them focusing on goals.  The first call is to set an appointment to have them watch the videos and schedule when to call them back to discuss what they watched.

After they watch the videos, three-way-call your ACTIVE sponsor to discuss the videos.  This is important so your prospects knows there is a team to work with if they have questions.   DO NOT assume they will not be interested in the business.  Especially after you have presented the millionaire video.  Everyone in the WORLD is hurting financially today and YOU have a solution for them.

Mention there are a lot of support tools from the company about the product and opportunity.  Do not go into “details”.  They have plenty of time to research after they “visualize” the goals.  If you only present the product, they may become good customers, but it will greatly delay their success and your success.

Do not pressure them on the product.  Let them choose what they need to experience the product.  You can convert a customer to a business partner with a quick call to the company and upgrade to monthly Home Delivery.

Once the person is on Quarterly Home Delivery AND they have sponsored someone WITH a Quarterly Home Delivery, enter 1 in their “Visionary” column.  Update with the number of personal Quarterly Home Delivery members they have as they engage new business partners.

All of this can be tracked from your back office; however, keeping a physical chart and making them keep physical charts reinforces the goals.

Now let’s look at the Millionaire Chart.  The names of your millionaire partners go INSIDE the boxes.  Only put VISIONARIES in the boxes. These are individuals who have checked off all boxes on the Prospecting Chart, they are on Quarterly Home Delivery, AND they have sponsored at least ONE member on Quarterly Home Delivery.

Once you have your THREE personal Visionaries, you have effectively opened your Bank or Stock Market Account.  You will be making a little income like $70 a month but more importantly you are engaging.

When the second column of Nine Visionaries are completed, your business is now worth about $36,000 in stock value because you are creating $300+ a month of interest income.  Only enter Visionaries as described above.

When you fill the third column with 27 Visionaries, your business will effectively be worth about $200,000 in Stock Value by creating a $1700+ apparent monthly interest or dividend income.

When your first three partners duplicate your chart by building their third column, your business has a value of about $275,000.

When the second column of nine partners duplicate your chart, your business will be generating enough income to be worth about $1,000,000 in the stock market.

When the third column of 27 members duplicate your chart, you will be a Diamond in the company with a serious secondary financial income.

It should be noted you can have more than one Millionaire Chart at the same time if you have more than three personal Visionaries.  To get to the top of the company, you are going to eventually want to have three Millionaire Charts completed.

Follow up constantly with your Visionaries that engage for business by going over their prospecting and millionaire charts.

All this is about focusing on the goals.  The details will come daily, like how to swish and the compensation plan.  Focus on three to get three to set YOU free.

Your income is dependent on commitment, effort, and sales skill along with where you live, your financial condition and other factors. No one is going to do the work for you.

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