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Full Compensation and Strategy

Before you dig into this complex subject, I highly recommend that you watch the compensation video on the website and then the company compensation video.

This is a strategy document with the compensation plan and success strategy integrated.  The company one page compensation plan shows all the details discussed.

This article isfor the serious.  If you just want to get a product free, then share the product with a few friends and relatives helping them get healthy. Help three committed users who want a product free and you will pay for all your product needs.  Interestingly, this is ALL everyone needs to do to succeed.  To get to the TOP of the company, you just need to duplicate that process one more time and teach everyone to do the same.

If you are serious you can create a part to full time income, comfortable retirement, and beyond.

Before you do ANYTHING, you need to know your WHY.  Tell everyone your WHY to make it real and it commits you. If you do not have a purpose and GOALS for this business, it will NEVER become a business.  Treat this as a business and it will pay like a business.  If you follow standard practices, you will succeed.

Goal #1

Engage with the product with a minimum $100 order. Immediately set up QUARTLY Home Delivery starting no more than 30 days in the future and eventually set the delivery dates to the 1st of the month.  You NEVER want to have a gap where your current order exceeds 30 days past your previous order.  The company pays weekly and monthly and a gap in your order can seriously impact your income. (ALWAYS have your monthly order START between the 1st and 28th of the month. If you have it the 29th to 31st it is possible that month will not have that date, your shipment will delay for the next month, and you will not qualify for commissions.)

What do you get with your $100 ($125 shipping and taxes) continuous engagement?

  • NO membership fee.
  • Get two bottles of the product at wholesale.  I recommend getting one of each.
  • Receive 25% on all personal retail customers every order.
  • Receive 3% on all other customer retail sales THREE Levels for every order.
  • Receive 25% commission on all personal member sales for THEIR first 30 days of orders.
  • Receive 3% commission on all other member sales THREE Levels below you for their first 30 days of orders.
  • Receive 7% commission on ALL repeat member orders after the first 30 days for THREE Levels.
  • Activates you for the Power of Three Bonus.
  • You constantly earn 100 points for each 100 points spent which will provide free product for every 500 points.

NOTE:  Levels are dynamically compressed for the residual income but NOT the Power of Three.  This means the computer will skip members not qualified at $100 and pay one level lower.

What do you get with your Quarterly Home Delivery?

  • Six bottles of product plus ONE extra which will help offset the cost of delivery and tax.
  • All seven bottles are shipped at once each quarter giving you extra product to display and sell.
  • Keeps you qualified and allows you to receive commission for three months.
  • Signals your upline that you are serious about the business.

Goal #1 is not an option if you are serious about the business.  The only thing you need to decide is how much product you need on your initial order.  The $300 order gives an extra bottle of product to offset the price of shipping and tax.  The $500 order gives 10 bottles plus one extra bottle of product, the $99 VIP Training, and other benefits.  The $1000 order includes 20 bottles plus 5 extra bottles of product instantly saving 25% on wholesale.  No matter what the initial order you must engage with the quarterly Home Delivery to insure not missing a check.  Any product combination is available at any time in the company.  Therefore, you could as example purchase the $1000 package any number of times in any month and still receive the five extra bottles effectively saving 25% per order.

Tip:  After your account is constantly engaged as $100 a month, any additional orders for product you need during the month should be ordered downline and shipped back to you to help build volume for everyone above the order.

Basic Rules with Referral Programs

Before you get started, imagine you are planning to build a big business that the whole world will eventually be reading about.  Who would you pick for your business partners?  Would you pick your neighbor across the street you have never met?  Would you pick a person you met at a cocktail party?  Would you pick the first person who visited your website and asked for more information?  Or would you take your time searching for the right three to six people that you will spend the rest of your life with?   You are going to want dedicated, trustworthy, enjoyable individuals with characteristics that make you happy and proud.  This does not mean the person you meet at a cocktail party is not going to be one of those individuals, but you need to really vet them.  It also means you are responsible for passing on your vision and spend a LOT of time helping them understand what you are doing. 

It also means you will need a lot of other individuals to make your business successful.  You might need to interview hundreds of people to fill all the correct positions in your company at the various skill levels, desire, and commitment.

In general, when building any referral company, you NEED to WRITE down a list of all your contacts and separate them into categories as you watch their growth.  Some can ONLY be approached as retail customers such as professionals like doctors, sports gyms, beauty salons, AND individuals you know who have any negative vibes about referral marketing.  If they later want to know about the opportunity, then proceed with them as a member.  EVERYONE ELSE you must NOT prejudge. The most likely person in your mind often quickly fails and the most unlikely person will often succeed.  It is NOT about who YOU know but who THEY might know.

Statistically you will need to contact about 100 potential customers to get 30 who will listen to your initial presentation.  Out of those 30, with the proper follow-up, you should be able to get 20 to try the product on some level. Out of those 20 you will get 10 to reorder. (This product has a high reorder rate and a high early reorder rate.  This means they may order more before 30 days.) Out of the 10 reordering, your goal is to engage three initially and eventually duplicate this process to get six who want to make this a business.

Tip:  When someone says they want the product and you are local, GIVE them the product and have them ship their first order back to you.  Call customer service with your customer online when you place this order.  This method will radically increase your business growth by instilling a sense of urgency getting the product to your client immediately instead of multiple follow ups before ordering and waiting the delivery time.  The more you use the process you will find you need about $1000 of inventory to keep up.  This is especially helpful in countries outside of the United States.  If you are in a different country and have inventory, you can speed product by as much as 30 days if you have inventory.  Make sure their order is paid and shipped to you before giving them the product.

Goal #2

You want to engage three members who want to make this a business.  As you get your customers, you first need three who are reordering two bottles of product.  This will provide you with a $50 bonus check each month to help you get a bottle of product free.  The bonus check does not start until three members reorder product the same month after their initial 30 days.  It can be any of your front line three including members others may have placed on your front line.

Watch which members take the business seriously.  First, they will engage with Goal #1 and be on quarterly Home Delivery.  They will typically order product beyond the required minimum $100 order. They will be actively referring customers.  These members will become part of your Team and you must help them fully.  Some people know how to do business and all you may be required to do is bird dog for them.  Help answer questions, find the uplines, help with customer issues, and more.  You do not need to know this stuff; you just need the effort to find the people with these answers.  A good team sponsor will have most answers and train you to be able to answer questions.  Others who engage are just excited and have no experience.  Pay extra attention and help them get started and confident.  Remember, this is YOUR team but they are on the COMPANY TEAM so there are a lot of people to help you help them, even if you are new with limited experience.

Goal #3

Teach your three engaged leaders to accomplish Goal #2.  You want them to eventually find 10 repeat customers with three engaged members all working on Goal #1.

Once your three leaders and their three leaders are on repeat home delivery, your Power of Three Bonus will be $250 every month in addition to organization residual income and any fast start sales you make. (You must be Senior Member, but that should happen at the same time.)

Tip:  As they are building, you should watch your other front-line members and new members you engage and see if moving them someplace under your three leaders will be beneficial.  Find and place people who know each other below each other.  Place someone just using the product under someone trying to build the business. Use them to balance your volume or others for rank advancement.  (See Note Below.) You can move them anyplace within 30 days of joining, but only ONE time.

Tip:  You should maintain no more than six leaders on your front line.  In fact, more than three until you reach Diamond can cost you faster growth.  Hold new members until the last minute before placing them in the best possible position for you, your downline, and the individual.  This does not mean you cannot have a few extra frontlines because they never really engaged, but those individuals are better to work with later in your business after you are Diamond and above.  Speed in this business is very important and you do not want a “friend” holding you back or killing your $1500 Power of Three Bonus just because they will not get on a quarterly home delivery.  If you are lucky enough to get six frontline leaders early, then you can end up with a larger check later, but you will probably sacrifice earlier checks because you do not have your teams ranking up fast enough for deeper earlier pay.

Personal Note:  Other than initial individuals and maybe one family member with potential, I only allow individuals starting with a $1000 personal volume and three personal members to remain on my front line.  Second line are individuals with $300 and above personal volume with three personal members, everyone else goes under these individuals to build team volume.  I buy extra product I need under those who are working and ship it back to myself.

All rank advancements which determine how many levels you are paid are based on volume.  Every rank depends on the 50% rule.  No more than 50% of the volume required for a rank can come from one line (often called a leg).  This means if you need 5000 volume and 3000 is in one line, only 2500 counts for that line.  This means you will need 2500 combined in other lines to reach the rank.  In this example you would need an additional 500 outside the big line to qualify.  Once you qualify for the Rank, you are paid on all the volume through the levels qualified even on the larger line volume.

Goal #4 – Senior Member

Reach Senior Member with 1500 volume and no more than 750 counted in one line.  This will now qualify you for FOUR Levels of residual income. (Also required for the $250 Power of Three Bonus.)

Goal #5 – 1 Star

Reach 1 STAR with 5000 volume and no more than 2500 counted in one line.  This will now qualify you for FIVE Levels of residual income.  It is important to help your lines grow with you and teach them to balance their volume so that no more than 50% is in one line.

Goal #6 – 2 Star

Reach 2 STAR with 10,000 volume and no more than 5000 counted in one line.  This will now qualify you for Six Levels of residual income.  You will also share in 1% of the Global Monthly Volume with all other 2 Star members.  Balancing between lines will start to become important. This is part of the qualification for your Power of Three $1500 monthly bonus.

Goal #7 – 3 Star

Reach 3 STAR with 20,000 volume and no more than 10,000 counted in one line.  Balancing is now important.  Not only do you need to have more than half of the volume outside your one big line, but you will also need two members in different lines meeting the 1 Star requirements, including balancing their lines.  This will now qualify you for Seven Levels of residual income.  You will also share in 1% of the Global Monthly Volume with all other 3 Star members.  You maintain your share in the 2 Star pool.

Your Power of Three $1500 monthly bonus is very probable here, if you have been balancing and teaching everyone to balance under three teams.  Just teaching everyone to be on home delivery and teaching everyone to get three doing the same for their free bottle will lead to this bonus.

Goal #8 – Diamond

Reach Diamond with 50,000 volume and no more than 25,000 counted in one line.  You also need three 1 Star members.  Your Power of Three $1500 monthly bonus is virtually assured at this point.  You will also share in 1% of the Global Monthly Volume with all other Diamonds members.  Each level in rank is sharing 1% with fewer members so the share is becoming larger as you increase rank.  Diamonds also share in 0.5% in all volume Level 8 and below in the entire company with a cap of $2500 monthly.  This means the leaders want to help everyone become successful.

Goal #9 – Double Diamond

Reach Double Diamond with 100,000 volume and no more than 50,000 counted in one line.  You also need four 1 Star members.  In addition to the above, you will also share in 1% of the Global Monthly Volume with all other Double Diamonds members.  Double Diamonds also share in 1% in all volume Level 8 and below in the entire company with a cap of $5000 monthly.

Goal #10 – Triple Diamond

Reach Triple Diamond with 250,000 volume and no more than 125,000 counted in one line.  You also need five 1 Star members.  In addition to the above, you will also share in 1% of the Global Monthly Volume with all other Triple Diamonds members.  Triple Diamonds also share in 1.5% in all volume Level 8 and below in the entire company with a cap of $10,000 monthly.

Goal #11 – Crown

Reach Crown with 500,000 volume and no more than 250,000 counted in one line.  You also need six 1 Star members.  In addition to the above, you will also share in 2% of the Global Monthly Volume with all other Crown members.  Crowns also share in 2% in all volume Level 8 and below in the entire company with a cap of $15000 monthly.

Goal #12 – Why

Whatever your Why, by now you should have accomplished it, unless you are really on a mission.  I was always told to choose a Why that would take more than a lifetime to accomplish, like feeding the world children.

Take Action

  • Complete Goal #1 immediately.
  • Think seriously about your Why, write it down, tell your upline, and post pictures to bring your mind to the reality you want.
  • Think about and write down the three people most important to help you build business together.
  • Make a list of at least 100 individuals and call every one of them.
  • Write down reasonable times to reach the other 11 goals, sign the paper and provide it to your sponsor as a letter of commitment.

If you have read all this information, you are already on your way to success.

Your income is dependent on commitment, effort, and sales skill along with where you live, your financial condition and other factors. No one is going to do the work for you.

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