What is Your Business Worth

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  • Stop Bankruptcy
  • Offset Inflation
  • $125 Monthly = Complete Business
  • Monthly $300 = $36,000 in SNP500
  • Teach 3 to get 3 = $300 Monthly
  • Theach All to Duplicate 3x3
  • Monthly $1750 = $200K in SNP500
  • Monthly $2300 = $275K in SNP500
  • Monthly $8000+ = MILLION in SNP500
  • Buy a Home

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What is your business REALLY worth?

The average person in this world needs about an extra $300 a month to avoid bankruptcy or offset inflation.  You would need about $36,000 in the stock market to create $300 a month.

If you commit $125 a month for your COMPLETE business, the tax advantage alone may create a positive income.  Additionally, because of the product, you can probably reduce or eliminate other products for a net financial gain.   This means your only cost in this business is your time.

Teaching three members to get three members will create over $300 a month.  Which do you think is easier, teaching three members to teach three members to offset their debt, or depositing $36,000 into the stock market to stop a bankruptcy?

Now imagine you have taught your three partners to do the same thing to offset their debt.  When your three teach three each to offset inflation, you are making over $1750 a month.  You would require over $200,000 in the stock market to create the same monthly income.

Once the nine people your three friends introduced are earning $300 a month, you are making over $2300 monthly requiring about $275,000 in the stock market.

When those same nine people do what you did, each with over $2000 a month of extra income surviving inflation, you would have the equivalent of $1,000,000 in your stock market account.  You are a millionaire!

It gets better, if everyone continues the process teaching three to offset inflation, you are now a Diamond making potentially $25K a month.  This is equivalent to about $3,000,000 in the stock market.  This is enough to buy that new dream home.

Which is easier and faster, teaching a bunch of people three at a time to offset inflation or depositing $3,000,000 in the stock market?

Set your goal to be a millionaire.  Get on a Quarterly Home Delivery for your COMPLETE BUSINESS.  Fill out your Prospecting Chart.  Engage your contacts for product and / or business.   Transfer Visionaries to your Millionaire Chart as they engage with Quarterly Home Delivery.

The best part is while on your journey to becoming a millionaire, you will change the lives of many people physically and financially as they use the incredible products and become financially free.

Do you want to be a multi-millionaire?  Just repeat the process as often as you want.

Your income is dependent on commitment, effort, and sales skill along with where you live, your financial condition and other factors. No one is going to do the work for you.

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