Marketing Approaches

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Our product is unique in the industry because of the revolutionary nano technology delivery system.  We have something no one else has, that demonstrates incredible convincing before and after pictures.  Because of this, your marketing should be to the point.  This is what is known in the industry as a ONE CALL CLOSE.

If you are not getting the person to try the product on a first or second call, there are several possible reasons.

  • The first and most likely is you have spent too much time on details.  ESPECIALLY if you are leading with the opportunity and not the product.  They should see the pictures and told the timeline.  They should be told it is nano technology glutathione delivery system that has never been available before.  They should be told it is the master molecule involved on over 400 life functions in the body and the most studied molecule in molecular biology.  Let them know that most people are getting spectacular results, not only in their external appearance, but their internal health.
  • The second point of failure is that most forget to ask for the sale.  Assume they want the product and ask if more than one person would be needing the product.  Tell them the product has a money back guarantee so there is no risk to discover what it can do for them.  Based on how many people they think will use it in the home, recommend either the welcome pack 1 or the welcome pack 2.  If they select the welcome pack 1, encourage them to get on the quarterly combo for further home deliveries because it will take a couple months to really see the difference.
  • The third point of failure is the client asks a billion questions and you attempt to answer them all.  This is when you should IMMEDIATELY say you do not have all those answers and use your upline in a three-way call.  Your upline should immediately welcome them, tell them they are there to support them with the new experience, and remind them there are a ton of company tools to support every answer.  The upline can give a personal testimony and keep the call short along with ASKING FOR THE SALE.
  • If your prospect is not ready yet then you need to add them to your contacts in the app, send them to the website and explain where information is located, and follow up with the system.  Do not spend the rest of your life trying to force someone into using the product.  A slower approach over time will work with them and give you time to work with other more excited individuals.

The next mistake many make is that men may not respond as quickly to the before and after pictures and need further effort.  Make sure to show the pictures and tell them that women make up 80% of home business entrepreneurs and great partners for potential financial gain.  Diligently point out that what they see in the faces is also happening inside the body.  Use words they are more in tune with such as physical condition, personal health, male performance, stamina, mental clarity, better sleep, better endurance, etc.

Professionals such as doctors, beauty practitioners, nutrition shops, sports gyms and more require a different approach.  Initially they will only be interested in retail so use the PRP website.  Do not go down the network marketing rabbit hole assuredly leading to a failed sale.  If they ask if they can be paid via a network, ask them, “Why are you interested in networking?”  If they are against networking, then keep focus only on the PRP.  If they want networking, recommend they join as a member and purchase the product personally and for a few customers. Once they are comfortable with the product they can register their business as a customer under their personal membership to increase their potential profits. Start with the very basics of working with three key customers.  If they teach that process to their customers, they should be able to create a couple thousand dollars of additional income within a few months.

Below is a method to penetrate a business market away from family and friends.  Keep in mind, no matter what your approach, EVERYONE must teach the simple approach with the duplicated system that ANYONE can follow.  You can teach a gym owner how to sell the product in the gym, but he better know how to teach people just to use the product and help three people to get a product free, or the only thing he will be counting month to month will be inventory.

Use the before and after flyers for the MAJORITY market.  Even the businesses will need these flyers to capture the general prospect.

Opening Statements

Your opening statement will vary depending on the type of business, but the approach and final point is the same in all cases.   The end result is to get the business owner to realize the ability to greatly increase their financial income and retirement with very little change to their current operation.  I will cover some specific opening statements depending on the type of business first then cover the approach which is similar for all businesses.

Restaurant – How many of the people on your community bulletin board like the auto body shop send you customers?  How many meals do you serve to people who move away?  How many customers eat here from out of the area referred by friends who ate here?  How many customers do you earn from after you retire?

Gym – How many members make you money after they leave the area?  How many of your members live in a different state?  How much do you make from your members after you sell your business?

Nutrition Store – How many customers refer your vitamins? How far away are your current customers? How many customers order from you once they move away? Do you have any customers in a foreign country?

Small private businesses like general stores, laundry mats, storage facilities, bakeries, fish market and more – How many hours a day do you work?  When do you take a vacation?  How often do you travel?  When do you plan on retiring?  Do you earn from your current customers when you retire?

The point of the opening statements is to make the owner realize they are working constantly with no chance to really take time off, and the potential for retiring is remote.  In addition, everything they do in their current business is not growing their income outside of the business.  Finally, their income is highly dependent on the local clientele which is limited.

The Approach

While you are asking these opening questions, you should put a dot on a piece of paper.  When you ask about the range of current clients, draw a small circle around the dot to represent their influence.  Then draw a larger circle for distant referrals to demonstrate their reach.  Then draw a map of the state around the circle showing how small their reach is, draw the country, then the globe and ask how many people in these areas are contributing to their current and future income.  This visualization will get a response like, “What are you stupid!  I get nothing outside my area.”  Now ask them, “If I could potentially get you customers from around the world to contribute to your income and retirement without you needing to change or slightly modify your approach, would you be interested?”  This will appeal to most business owners to at least listen to your proposal.

Now you explain, they should post the flyers on the bulletin board, maybe make some counter space, discuss the product with customers as they visit, possibly engage employees to point out the flyers, and other subtle approaches to raise the awareness of their customers. (Have a demo flyer for their business or similar business if possible.)

Then explain, someone might visit one time today, go away and tell someone else who tells someone in a foreign country, and you start to receive income now and in the future.  This process can snowball into income that will rival their current income and potential retirement.

The above approach is NOT EASY.  If you have not mastered building teams of three getting product free, this approach should not be attempted.  This is business.  Be ready to run meetings in the back of the laundry mat, do follow up calls, help train, help with new member orders, and more.  This is business and it will pay you as a business, provided they all know and practice the basic get three to get one free.

If you are braver, or willing some financial risk, then provide product for places on consignment like in beauty shops.  Offer product for specific trials with medical professionals.  Offer to do a study with one of the athletes in a gym and provide product.  All these take time and money but could be very rewarding.

You can teach many to learn the get three for a free product.  Only 3% will engage in full business.  You must decide what you what, and your why to succeed.  When you market this product, you should always do it because you want to impact someone’s health.  If you are trying to get your friends to buy the $100 member pack so you can get $25 up front or $7 for a couple months in the future, do yourself and them a favor and ask them to give you the money.

Your income is dependent on commitment, effort, and sales skill along with where you live, your financial condition and other factors. No one is going to do the work for you.

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