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You must know this to be in business.

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Use the Product website to introduce the business.

If you have decided to do the product as a business, then there are three websites you MUST KNOW.

If you are going to use the soft sale retail share approach, I recommend you review:

In all cases above you need to make sure you have your links on any page you advertise.  Watch the video on the second link above for how to do that.  On the retail directory link you will need to open the ad page you want, then copy the retail link on the top of the website.

I highly recommend you download  QuickMark QR Code Generator  and use it to create links to your various websites.  Put the codes on your bottles, email signatures, text messages and other social media.

Here is something you really need to understand.  Based on all the doctors using the product, their research, their statements, and MAINLY the RESULTS we are getting with this product after three to six months, NOTHING else is providing the necessary glutathione supplementation in a safe, consistent, and dose specific amount directly to the cells within minutes.  NOTHING, NOT EVEN an IV that costs hundreds of dollars.

Based on my personal results after six months on this product, I no longer need to worry about selling to my old age piers.  I will still be here happy with energy and health to market to the next generation or two behind me who will soon start serious aging without this technology.  Think about what that means the next time someone tells you they do not think it works.  They will be passing on while you proceed on.

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