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The script for the video is below and can be translated into any language using the Google Translate button directly above the video on this page.

Is your organization involved in providing support for individuals who have physical or mental challenges?  This could range from the indigent to sports professionals.

As example, you may be trying to improve the wellbeing of homeless individuals both physically and financially or you may be a parent organization trying to provide an edge for your sports team either in performance or by providing funding for team overhead.

The foundation of this process is to provide a supplement to those in need without the financial ability to procure their own product.  At the same time your traditional supporters can benefit from the incredible health benefits of the supplement while incidentally creating donations for your project.

The first step in this process is for your organization to create a Proxy as the lead identified for the management and finances.  The Proxy position is a not-for-profit position to watch over the structure, overhead and distribution of products and or income.  This position is identified as the support organization that all members are directed to purchase with, either personally or for the target recipients.

The Proxy signs a Letter of Agreement to donate any profits from the position to the nonprofit.  The proxy takes care of all business including taxes from the income.  The nonprofit receives donations from the Proxy and is not in the sales structure.
The nonprofit identifies targets for products.  The Proxy then ensures that the products are distributed as needed, and excess funding is used to purchase additional products for new target recipients.

As example, Tom is identified as a target recipient in the community by the nonprofit.  Maybe he has health challenges the product might help with.  Mary, as a donor, joins the Proxy as a member and creates a product order one time or monthly with a shipping address to Tom.  Tom will receive the product and the Proxy will receive 7% to 25% commission from the order.

Note that on occasion, donors will not want to be members, but will be glad to join as customers or preferred customers under the Proxy for personal use or to send the product to designated individual addresses.

Due to the nature of this structure and the product, many normal donors will want to use this product for personal use. When they purchase the product from their own account, the Proxy will receive between 3% and 25% commission from all orders.

This process can multiply because your donors / members will often tell others not involved with the nonprofit to purchase the product because of the incredible benefits.  The Proxy will receive between 3% and 7% commission on these and other orders by further referrals which will be donated to the nonprofit.  Everyone in this group is benefiting the nonprofit.  In many cases the nonprofit or organization will be able to provide a tax-deductible receipt for products provided to target recipients.

This program works for two main reasons.  First, the compensation system is complementary for structural growth in nonprofit type organizations.  Second, the product is a revolutionary breakthrough technology for glutathione delivery.  Every single body, especially for those over the age of 20, needs this product.  Watch the product video for further details.

The Proxy should fully understand the compensation system and structure their members and customers for maximum benefit.  Because each donor will be assigned as a member, the Proxy can move them where needed in the structure.  This will mean building about 10 serious fundraising groups over time for the Proxy.  Each of the serious teams will help build the structure for their own personal financial gain. 

The Proxy

  1. Must Study the Entire Team Website
  2. Study the Strategy Webpage
  3. Watch the Example Math Video
  4. Study documents on the bottom of the “Website Usage” link
  5. Point Business Members to Training for their Success

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