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Welcome to the Incredible Business Opportunity video. 

If you want our incredible product, then skip this video and follow the Before and After link above.  This video will not focus on product AT ALL.  This video is about making money, the product just energizes the process.  In fact, 95% of our customers share the product with others because of their product experience, and 5% are engaged as business partners benefiting financially.

This message is for the entrepreneur.  If you are looking for a hobby, or want to get your product free, we recommend you try the product first, then engage in sharing after you have your own testimonial.

I am looking for serious business partners.  I once bought a sign for my business back in 1973 that cost $5000 and it did not blink.  I had to pay for the parking lot, building, inventory, employees to manage the store, and much more. 

This is going to seem impossible at first, but we have a system that will cost about $4 a day.  (Nothing in life is guaranteed.  This requires work and the results depend on your efforts, the efforts of other, where  you live, and probably what you ate for breakfast.)  If you want to start changing your life today with new technology and a new way to do business, open your mind and proceed on.

I have a complete worldwide system including support for approximately $125 a month. (Cost may vary slightly by potential tax and shipping differences.)   I mean a complete system, including; office automation and tracking of your business, international wallet / banking,  available to market in 29 countries at the time of this video, social media, cell, and email marketing integration, mobile ready websites, online product demonstration, testimonials, training for marketing, flyers, free gifts, live customer service, shipping and handling, guarantee and returns, contact and tracking manager, many product and opportunity videos, compensation videos, and did I mention, the product is included.  If you currently have a business, can you do all this on $125 a month?
You can do what you want with the revolutionary breakthrough product.  You can use it yourself, give it to family, friends or enemies, those in need, give it to your pets, or throw it away.  You are going to be excited the product is included, but I am introducing you to a system and opportunity to MAKE money.

EVERY business is a Pyramid!  I am talking about the structure, not some Ponzi scheme.  Someone owns the business, they have Officers like President, CEO, COO and more.  The Officers have Branch heads such as Regional Managers.  The Managers have Divisions such as Store Clerks, Cashiers, Accounting, Maintenance, Customer Service and more.  The Divisions are broken into specific jobs handled by employees.

The employees start with the least knowledge and pay.  Did you know the employee must learn new skills and perform to work up in the organization, and seldom if ever make it to the Branch ranks after MANY years of experience?  It is virtually impossible to become an officer or owner in the company.  Your pay in a traditional business is set by where you are in the pyramid with little to no opportunity to get the high pay of the owner or officers.

We turn the above business model on its head.  We give you everything to do the business for $125 a month and make  you the owner.  You are going to manage your team so that you can all become owners.  Do what you want with the product as stated above, but here is how you do the business.

Send product prospects to the Before and After website.  Encourage them to buy at retail in whatever quantity works for them either one time or monthly.  DO NOT have them sign up as Members.  You make more money on customers if they are not going to help build the business.  If they become interested in the business later, you can change them to a Member at the company.

Send business prospects to this website who are willing to commit $125 a month for the entire system and product for at least a year.  (Send uncommitted to the Before and After website as customers.)

Your initial goal is to engage 39 business partners (Members, not retail customers) willing to commit $125 a month for a year.

Make the first three business partners to commit to quarterly purchases at $350 your Officers.  They will get an extra bottle of product and save $25 in shipping each quarter making their business less than $125 per month. (You have up to 30 days to move each business partner into the structure from the date they engage. You can place more committed partners higher in your chain of command.)

Put the next nine Managers to commit to quarterly purchases at $350 equally under the three Officers.

Put the next 27 business partners to commit to monthly $125 or more equally under the nine Managers as your Division Heads.

Think of all your customers as potential future Business Partners.

Teach each business partner in your group to do the same thing.  If any of your business partners find a business partner in your group of 39 before you, place your new business partners in the remaining 39 positions following the same rules.  You only need 39 committed business partners in the 3 x 3 structure no matter who engages them.

Once you have your solid group of 39 business partners, start another group of 3 x 3 or 39 business partners.  Think of each group of 39 as an International Team and you can build as many Teams as you want.

For each Team (group of 39) you will receive a $1500 bonus, 7% (minimum $273) on unlimited business partners, and 25% of all purchases by your personal customers and 3% of customer purchases from other business partners.

By following these rules for placement, unlimited income, bonuses, and profit sharing is possible as each business partner expands their business.  You are at the top of your business as are each of your business partners at the top of their business.  Make your move from the bottom to the top today.

Here are a few extra Tips:

If you need or want extra product beyond two bottles included each month with the system, purchase in the name of business partners on your third or deeper Management Team and ship the product to you.  Teach others to do the same.  This will share the profits with your team.

Tax Savings.  Contact your tax advisor for rules that apply to you where you live.  How many times do you travel outside your normal job?  As example, do you ever travel to visit friends or family, take a vacation, or go on a weekend trip.  Most individuals do not have a small business that can create tax advantages.  Next time you travel, keep your receipts and talk to others about the business.  Hopefully they will be interested in your product or the business.  Regardless, write their name on receipts for gas, hotel, food, entertainment, and other costs related to the conversation and or sale.  You will be surprised to find out, as example, you may be able to deduct up to $0.50 a mile for the trip and part of the other expenses.  Let your business pay for itself doing something you want to do or otherwise are already doing.

If you are involved with a nonprofit or other support group such as helping Veterans, drug, alcohol, and suicide prevention, raising funds for school teams or any other cause; consider having sponsors pay for the business partner positions and give the product to those in need.  The customer base by incidental sales could greatly help your nonprofit financially.  Each donating partner could purchase additional product for those in need derived from their management position income or use the profits to support the cause.

We recommend you use the product yourself for three to six months to experience the incredible benefits.  Personal confidence in what the product can do will make your business easier.

Check out the system by studying the entire website and connected links.  Remember, you are marketing the system and the product is included as an extra benefit.

Contact the person who sent you to this video an let them know where you want to be in the management structure.

Your income is dependent on commitment, effort, and sales skill along with where you live, your financial condition and other factors. No one is going to do the work for you.

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