Delivery, Recovery Time, and Financial Growth

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We all know we have the best technology for delivery of supplements to your cells.  What most do not know is what difference does it make. 

Let me use an analogy. Suppose you want to build a house and you are going to receive the materials delivered by truck. Two competing companies put all the identical materials needed on the truck, but one company has no doors or walls to secure the materials on the truck bed.

As both trucks travel from the factory to your construction site over bumpy roads, the one with no doors and sides will lose some of the materials to build the house.  The truck with the poor delivery system must send more trucks to replace the missing material.

The poor delivery system trucking company may need to send five or six trucks with the kitchen sink before it finally gets to your location.  Or worse yet, they may deliver a broken sink and you may not find out for years when it finally floods your house and causes greater damage.

The truck with the best delivery system has doors, sides, and a roof.  They can deliver the materials on the first load allowing you to build your house quicker, better, and far less expensive.

Our Hydrastat delivery is way more efficient, washing the cells with nano supplements reaching all the pores of a cell instead of just a few like outdated technology.


Most people know we have products that could significantly impact their long-term health.  What most people fail to consider is it could take months or even years to repair the damage their body has sustained since birth.  We are so tuned to instant gratification with drugs and media we do not understand the realistic implications of long-term cellular damage or even the required time to make new cells.

As an example, stomach cells regenerate every few days.  Skin cells regenerate in about a month.  The liver can regenerate in several months.  The heart can regenerate in about three years.  Bone cells regenerate in about ten years.

The reason we see remarkable changes with before and after pictures is the rapid rate of skin regeneration.  Our product can help repair damaged cells and rebuild new skin rapidly.   This is very different for other challenges, such as where it may take months for the liver to repair before it can start assisting other organs.

The bottom line is you need to commit for six months to a year using the products to expect to see changes in your body that have taken years to damage.  We all have our biases.  Once a doctor told me he did not notice anything after using our product for a week and could not see the point in taking it daily, but he was upset when I asked why cholesterol medicine did not lower cholesterol in a week and I was expected to take it the rest of my life.


We all know there is a business opportunity with our company, but few know how simple it is to create any financial goal.

Most people are never really exposed to the business.  The products are so amazing, people spend most of their time excited about sharing the product.  When people ask about the opportunity, they are told they can get their product free by sharing with a few people or they get a long-complicated discussion into the details of the compensation program.

In truth, all they need to know are a few general things and a couple of simple financial details.  Most general things were discussed above.  We have incredible new technology, no one else owns.  We deliver needed supplementation for health and beauty repairing cell damage for people using the products properly for three months to a year.

Financially, we provide a COMPLETE business for $5 or less a day.  By complete I mean everything from live customer support, shipping and receiving worldwide, marketing apps, social media, websites, accounting, products with money back guarantee, all business tools, and tax advantages out the door.
The BUSINESS system is simple:

  1. You start and stay on quarterly home delivery at $350 a quarter.
  2. You engage three business leaders to do the same thing.
  3. You teach each business leader to engage three business leaders.
  4. Once you engage your three partners, teach them to get three partners, and teach them to teach their three partners to get three partners, you start all over again with three new business partners until you reach your financial comfort zone.

You do not need to know anything else about the compensation plan.  You will get extra customers, and you will get members that want to buy product monthly or on occasion.  Some will share with others, and some will not.  Those individuals are part of your business as you are looking for your three key business partners, but they are NOT your leaders.
If you are wondering about your success, check out how closely you follow the system:

  1. Are YOU on $350 quarterly home delivery and using the products?
  2. Do you personally have three or more leaders on Quarterly Home Delivery?
  3. Do all your leaders have at least three leaders on Quarterly Home Delivery?

There are two ways to make a lot of money.  You can refer very high-end products to a few rich people, or you can refer excellent low-cost products to people who are taught to share low-cost products to others.


Here is a note for those who think you cannot make money with our company.  Maybe you should be looking at referring to large organizations instead of just individuals.  If you plan on getting rich selling worms you better sell to sporting goods stores and not your local fisherman.

I am looking for six leaders who want to take the company to a MUCH higher level.  If you believe you are one of those individuals, are on quarterly Home Delivery, and want to target the large retail market with gyms, spas, health centers, beauty shops, convenience stores and more then contact me.  I have a full system in place for those markets.  It will require good business skills to be able to communicate with large franchise owners and you will need to be willing to put about twenty-five bottles on consignment that YOU will need to pay for in advance.  If you believe you have someone in your organization with the full-time work ethics and ambition, have them contact me.  Remember, you get 3% of commercial sales in your organization.

Contact me via support@magich2o.com. Make sure you have your referal information.

Join the team calls at www.topdoggie.tv every Monday at 9AM and 7PM Pacific Standard Time.

Your income is dependent on commitment, effort, and sales skill along with where you live, your financial condition and other factors. No one is going to do the work for you.

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