Compare IPF to NFT

  • NFTs are the Past
  • IPFs are the Future
  • Protect ANY Media
  • Use ANY Media
  • Use ANY Smart Contract
  • Sellable
  • Transferable
  • Upgradable

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NFTs are sooo Past!

Yah, we all know what an NFT is.  Some ape doing something gross with a key.

In fairness all NFTs are not the same.  Some have real art built into them.  Some provide a useful function such as using them as tickets or membership.  This has been around for years as proof of existence or colored coins.

But most of them are just junk with people trying to get everyone to gamble on something they think is one of a kind.  Funny part is most NFTs are EASY to copy and hard to prove as counterfeit.

The sad part is they are virtually impossible to trade across platforms or use in the metaverse.  They end up expensive with gas fees, hard to integrate into anything even an auction platform, and blow up their blockchains trying to handle them with built in smart contracts and slow storage. 

You are held hostage to the blockchain they are connected to.  At any time, they can change code, fork, deny others access to their API, raise fees, and more.

IPFs are the Future!

They have been around long before the current NFTs.

IPFs were designed to connect real-world off-chain assets to blockchain transactions.

WOW look!  I just made this video into the second IPF video.

HlyGrail IPF Patent/ Copyright Number


The IPF Number was created before making this video!

They can store and protect ANY off-chain media or asset of UNLIMITED size, contracts, and more for about $0.15 plus a minimum transaction fee, currently a dollar or less.

They take no processing power by the blockchain once created. Hallelujah, they are GREEN, they are GREEN!

They do not blow up the blockchain.  In fact they only take up 40 to 80 characters of the blockchain beyond a normal transaction.

They do not disturb miners because the software ignores them as un-spendable transactions.

Anyone with any smart contract in ANY programming language can manipulate them.

They are sellable, transferable, AND upgradable.

How do they sell or transfer?  The owner spends the first transaction from the IPF bitcoin address to the new owner IPF address, or from the current address creates a NEW IPF contract in the new OP_RETURN of the new owner's address specifying usage and transfer rights.

Upgrading is incredible.  If you use the JSON format as described in the HlyGrail2 Patents, you can have unlimited expansion.  If you join a metaverse, you transfer your IPF to them with restrictions, they modify your attributes for their metaverse and transfer it back to you. The last owner of the transaction chain owns the IPF.

If you go to another metaverse, they can choose to use your attributes from the other company or add their own the same as the previous method.

No matter what, the last owner has all the attributes with a verifiable chain of upgrades.  Once updated, your attributes take no more blockchain energy.  People read them, store them, and use them off-chain by the hash in the last transaction.

If you are ready to go far beyond simple NFTs, take a shot at something incredible that is worth something, like IPF Patent / Copyright your website domain name, T-shirts, your own music, your latest 3D printer creation, your own computer game, or just about anything real or imaginary.  If no one buys it, well it only cost a few bucks to show the world you own in anyway.

Be warned, if you IPF Patent something that does not belong to you, you have proven you tried to steal it.  Also, the metaverse or other contracts will be able to block usage on their platform.

Your IPF also copyrights your bitcoin address which gives you a lot of legal power over who can use it or the documents protected by it.

Check out the hlygrail2 update link for examples.

Have a blast and create!

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