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The script for the video is below and can be translated into any language using the Google Translate button directly above the video on this page.

What do I mean by unlimited retirement?  It is the ability to reach retirement that will provide you with the income to live in the comfort zone you have set for yourself. 

With most people their comfort zone is to pay the bills, put food on the table, and have a roof over their head.  Others have a project that takes more than a lifetime, such as supporting all the starving children of the world.

In both cases, and every case in the middle, we want to retire.  We want to stop going to work daily after we reach our comfort zone either because we are tired of the work, or we can no longer produce at the level required to sustain.

Unlimited means any financial top can be reached, and it can be sustained.

I am a scientist and engineer.  I deal in math.  I have built some incredible engineering technologies based on math, but my comfort zone is based on very simple math rules that ANYONE can follow.  The banking system uses these rules, and you know how rich they are.  It is based on compounding.

The process is simple.  You have a people goal to reach.  That goal may be to add members to your church, build your college fraternity, build a political group, market your company, or grow your customer base.  In all these cases you can either do all the work yourself, or you can teach others to help you.  You are absolutely limited in what you can do personally.  You only have so many productive hours in a day and when you quit, your numbers stop.  If you teach others to tell others, and even more importantly teach them to teach others to tell others, your success will multiply rapidly.

As an example, suppose your comfort zone is to engage ONE person a month as a customer.  In a year you will have built an organization of twelve customers.  As an example, if you profit $7 from a sale you would be making $84 a month in a year.

On the other hand, if you teach your contacts to engage ONE person a month as a customer, your first contact will engage 11 customers in a year, your second contact will engage 10, third 9 etc. and in a year, you will have a team of 78 customers.  If you profit $7 per sale, you would be making $546 a month in a year.  It would take you six and a half years to do the same thing by yourself engaging one person a month.  This is like hiring an ad agency, but you can already see how engaging others can help you reach goals you cannot do by yourself.  Sadly, this is all most are taught, and it is difficult to really retire without years of effort.

The power of compounding happens when you teach your Agents to TEACH THEIR Agents to teach the system of adding ONE Agent per month.  I call them Agents because they are not just customers, they are educated active members of your group duplicating what you are doing.  You still only engage one Agent a month for a total of 12 in a year, but now everyone is teaching everyone to do the same.

Something magic now happens.  In the first month you only have one person on your team and that is the one you engage. The second month you invite one and so does your first agent.  This will create three team members for you. The third month your team of three each invite one for a total of six and you invite one more, so you have seven on your team. The fourth month your team doubles again and you add one personally for a total of fifteen. This compounding continues for eight more months.  You still only invited a total of twelve members, but your team has grown to 4,095 members.  If you use the same example of profiting $7 monthly from each, you could have over $28,000 a month income.

Even if your team only did 25% of this effort, in a year you would have over 1000 members, and at $7 per member, you are creating over $7000 a month.  This technically makes you a millionaire because you need about $1,000,000 in the stock market to earn this much each month.

The formula is simple.  It is 2P -1 where P is the period for individuals to duplicate the effort.  If the period is one year to get an agent and teach them to do the same, you could technically be a multimillionaire in twelve years.  Some people can shorten the period to a week.  Most fail because no one ever taught them the secret to teach others.

Leaders act and find twelve agents immediately because you never know how long it takes for someone to learn the process.  If you engage only one agent a month, you do not know if the first person you engage will start right away or it will take a year for them to engage.  If you engage twelve to start, you can reach the success level even if one of them  takes 11 months to get started.

This video teaches others to teach others and all you must do is send people to this video.

Now let us be honest about how long the Period or P is in the equation above.  The Period depends on the Product you are marketing and the Reward received by everyone.  If you are marketing an organization, say a sports team, church, multimedia channel, or product, the individuals need to receive some financial or personal benefit to tell others to come to your organization.  Math is the same no matter what organization you are building.  The Product and Reward are the only things that vary.

You now have the secret to building any organization rapidly.  The inside secret is we have technology for creating products that everyone on the planet can, and do use, and more importantly wants.  In addition, when you engage agents who use the products, you will receive an average of $7 a month per agent.

What is important is our technology, not a specific product.  It is a breakthrough for creating products far less expensive and many times more effective than the current industry.  We are talking about women’s special challenges, mental agility, stamina, physical prowess, age reversing, stress relief, just about any issue you can think of impacting the human body.  We have already penetrated several multibillion-dollar industries and are poised to enter any industry of choice that you would normally go to a nutrition store or practitioner for solutions.

This means all you need to do is click the Product button in the top left of this website and check out our current showcase products that have taken us to over 60 countries in two years.  Then check out some of the teaser products that are available or will be available within months of this video on the technology tab.

There is only ONE roadblock to reaching unlimited retirement.  YOU.  You must make a paradigm shift.  You must overcome your deep-seated beliefs, reprogram your brain to the truth, act, and the most important, you must teach others the same principles.  This video does all the training, so learn the video, act, and share this video.

Reprogram yourself.  You MUST understand that EVERYONE sells EVERYTHING.  How many times have you posted to social media or told others about a restaurant, store, sale, movie, or mirid other things.  It is natural.  The difference is you can get paid by telling others about this video.  We do all the talking and demonstration of products, training, business, motivation and more.  We have a COMPLETE system; all you must do is share this video and tell them to follow the links to learn.  Post your link on social media, make flyers, business cards, tell others, post QR codes, or buy ads.  Do just about everything to send people to this video.  You do not SELL, you TELL, to visit this video.  Also, follow up after they see the video.  Many will engage if you call them after they watch this video.

Imagine how many lives you can change financially and physically, all around the world, including your life and your loved ones.

You have three choices:

  • This is not for you. Thank you for taking the time to watch this video.  Most do not make it this far. You might still know someone who desperately needs one of the products.  Save them.
  • You are very cautious but do not want to miss out. 
    • Go to the Product link above.
    • Go to the bottom of the Product page and click the “Membership and Order” button.
    • Fill out your information and join for free without needing to purchase.
    • Tell others until you realize how much you can create by sending others to this video with the organization you are building for free.  Use your username for your video.
  • You are serious and want to become an Agent for the financial and physical advantages.
    • Go to the Product link above.
    • Choose the product or products you want from one of the Order Buttons.
    • When you fill out your information, select “Member”.
    • Place your order for a minimum of $100 in product to insure your commissions.
    • Send everyone you know to this video with your username.
    • Follow up and make sure they have watched the video.
    • Introduce your new member to your sponsor for additional support.
    • Study the other team webpages linked off the product page.
    • Especially prepare for new products as we launch them.
    • Seek support from those who came before you.
    • Study testimonials until you have one of your own.  Be a product of the product.

Thank you for watching this video. 

The rest of your life and other lives will depend on what you do next.

Without you, they may NEVER know.

Your income is dependent on commitment, effort, and sales skill along with where you live, your financial condition and other factors. No one is going to do the work for you.

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