Failure is Not an Option

Are you ready to do what you want to do?  All it takes is time and money and we WILL help you.

Did you get duped by some fast talking MLM junkie?

Did he pay your way into a program and promise you a power leg?

Did you have what looked like hundreds or even thousands of Downline and yet you are lucky if they purchase a few hundred dollars of product a week?

Did your sponsor disappear and no longer works the program after scamming you out of a few quick bucks?

You failed because of THREE reasons ONLY:

  1. You had a bad team (sponsor).
  2. You had a bad system or no system.
  3. YOU were not motivated and no one took the time to help you.

It has been proven over and over that a good team and system will GUARNANTEE your success, if YOU will just follow their simple program.  Even if it takes you a LONG time, if you follow the system and work with a responsible team, you WILL become successful.

If you are concerned that you joined a flamboyant hyped sponsor and you are stuck, there is a chance to still change your life in the program you are in.  Just follow the steps in the first link below and build with whatever organization and team you already have.

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Why join me?

  1. I have 200,000 people Downline in a year in seven countries with products that 60%+ of American adults use every day.  (Yes we do have soap but that is not our exciting product.  We are not that other great one billion a month company.  We are smaller doing only 800 million a year with only 15 years of practice but give us five years and we will do a NEW billion dollars of business and you can be a big part of it.)
  2. I have a powerful team upline and Downline.
  3. I have a system within a system that just plain works.

YOU must commit to about $65 a month counting all costs for product to be successful.  I can show you how to earn that with nothing out of pocket if you are financially troubled.  If you are mentally broke and will not put in the effort, do not even follow the links to check it out.

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How to Become Successful

Success is relative but it easily breaks down into a few items to become successful.

  1. You must have a strong desire for something that you are willing to do anything to get it.
  2. You must take daily action that leads to your success.
  3. You need a team to keep you motivated and on track.
  4. You need a system.

Use our system for motivation and training to reach any goal in any program or part of your life you want to obtain.


Motivation does not work

Watch the video and see why.

I know, after watching the video you are saying, wow I feel good and that was motivating.

So why does motivation not work?

Because people do not use it EVERY DAY.

If you cannot find motivating things to inspire you daily you will soon lose your desire to reach the goals that will truly make you successful.

Find out what you really want in life and be very specific about the goal.  Then watch motivating things that will make you desire your goal with all your heart.

If your goal is to retire and be free to travel and do whatever wherever you want, watch the video above once a week.

Also look for a video, audio or text that is motivating that is specific to your desire that puts your heart on fire.

Come on, it only takes a few minutes to do an internet search on something like, “how to photograph a butterfly” or “how to dance to Calypso music” or “how to climb Mount Everest”.

The point is, motivation does not work, you do.

When are you going to start motivating yourself?  Or more importantly, when are you going to start motivating yourself daily?  You must find what drives you.

As Lao Tzu says:
Doing Nothing Is Better Than Being Busy Doing Nothing

Time on the job is not important.  What you accomplish toward your GOAL with your time is important.

Write out what you are going to do for the week at the beginning of the week and how much TIME will spend doing it and only spend TIME on those goals.  Forget or reduce everything else not related to the goal.

Are you spending too much time chatting, sending out cool email and watching TV?  Stop wasting time, set  your goals and STAY motivated daily.

Stay FOCUSED.  Do not switch gears between projects.  Stay on track.  Do all your email once or twice a day instead of all day long.  Do not get overloaded by the ton of internet stuff.  Ignore it!  Focus.  Take on ONE task or GOAL and concentrate on it ONLY.

What are You Worth

There is a powerful lesson in the video below for earning money online or offline.

The above video is a prime example of someone telling you what you are worth. You can believe them or you can become what you want to become.

Newsweek named Grand Rapids Michigan as one of the top 10 dying cities in America.

The video above was dubbed “the greatest music video ever made” by Film critic Roger Ebert. I believe that you will have to admit that the energy put into this video shows that Grand Rapids Michigan is FAR from being one of the top 10 dying cities in America.

The point of this post is to let you know that you have a choice in life.

We spend all of our life with friends, family and love ones telling us that we cannot do this or do that, we do not know what we are talking about and YOU cannot become someone other than whom they think you should be.

Those that rise above the crowd are no different than you with one exception. They have already found out that all it takes is the burning desire to reach a goal and then take action on your belief.

The city of grand rapids could have just as easily spent all their time and energy complaining about what was wrong. They could have developed bad press and attacked Newsweek. They could have just rolled over and died which is what most people do when someone tells you that “you are a loser.”

Well, they did NOT do that. They focused their energy and created an incredible video that quite frankly most Hollywood people would never have had the vision to do. I do not know who was the inspiration and who was the leader but they developed a plan and they TOOK ACTION.

I will bet they did not know who was going to be where in the video, what little stunts they were going to do, what day they were going to do it, what street they were going to go down or every little detail.

Why is that important? Because most of you spend all your time thinking about your business, all the details, how you are going to do it and on and on WITHOUT taking action.

The message is clear. If you want to make money at home, JUST TAKE ACTION.

Do NOT let others tell you who you are.

Seek out those that will help you become whom you want to be.

Get my book Small Dreams Have No Magic as a free download and find out other principles that will change your life.

Noise and Success

Greg Jacobs brought out some simple but profound thoughts the other day in line with what I am trying to do.

The title was Forging the Perfect Sword and the basic principle was “to be successful you need to become an island and have the source come from God.”

He mentioned that when he came to America for a month that there was too much noise.  As example he said there were twenty two different mustards on the shelf.  (If you do not know Greg he lives in the remote mountains of Thailand so the contrast can be stark.)

Once you get in touch with yourself you realize that stuff happens and you must not blame anybody for anything.  If you falter or get angry remember to keep repeating the mantra “do not blame anyone.”

He then pointed out that we should focus on the process and not the outcome.  Do not focus on the end result of making a great sword, selling it and becoming famous.  Instead enjoy the process of building the sword.  Love what you are doing and the outcome will just happen.

Finally, he pointed out that you cannot be wanting.  Take care of your basic needs then stop wanting everything.  If you start to want, your focus changes to wanting this and wanting that and you are never satisfied.  Just set goals and prioritize them and move in a direction but do not focus on the stuff.

This brings me to the point of what does that have to do with building your business?

I have been pondering why 40 years ago I could build a million dollar business with a company in a year and today the companies will not even last a year. The answer is simple.

Technology has made it easy to get involved with the noise. We send out video, mass email, send to websites, send out testimonials etc. Everything is full of details and noise. We focus on the information and not the person.

Forty years ago with limited technology you had to spend personal time with your contacts. You found out by accident what they wanted and needed over a cup of coffee or driving to an opportunity meeting. Your focus was 90% on their personal requirements and only 10% on how to get there.

I am now moving my business back to the individual and not the details. I will have far fewer contacts but they will be premium and if they teach the same thing, everyone will overcome the noise and become successful.

Therefore, even though this blog will talk a lot about software and systems or “the noise” that will help you become successful at driving traffic to your website, anyone that personally works with me will receive mostly coaching on how to identify and visualize THEIR true goals.

With that in mind, ask yourself the following question, “if you had all the time and money in the world, what would you do with it.”  When you find that “why” you are more apt to study and implement the things I discuss on this website to reach your goals.

PS – Greg has the BEST software combining everything but it is over $1000 and up to $3000.  If you are interested, leave a comment and I will email you.

What Really Works

I have spent five months and about $5000 on software to find out what works and what does not work for marketing websites.

There are several things that you must do in order to get your internet business ranked higher for better traffic.  Below is a short list of requirements then I will go into more detail.

  1. Do keyword research before doing your website.
  2. You must have a WordPress blog authority website
  3. You must post pertinent articles on OTHER websites outside of your domain or IP that link back to your authority website.
  4. You need MANY traffic websites you control that point to your authority website.
  5. You need to point keyword anchor text links to all pages of your authority website.
  6. You need auto blogging software to create posts on your traffic websites.
  7. Your authority blog title and domain name should include the keyword you are targeting
  8. Only you should post on your authority website and you should post two and no more than three posts a day.
  9. You need to monetize your website with pertinent ads.
  10. You need a hook to make a person tell others to visit your website.
  11. You need to capture serious customers into an email list and marketing system.
  12. If possible you should create a membership website and offer incentives for logging in.
  13. You should use Facebook as a verifier when possible to get valid email.
  14. You need to offer something to your visitors so they are happy the visited your site.
  15. You need to get your website listed in directories and other news feeds.

Supposed you want to target making money online.  Use excellent keyword search tools to find the keyword with high traffic and low competition.  Include the keyword in your authority website domain name.

An authority website is a site where many websites contain keywords that are highlighted as links (anchor text) that point to your authority website.  Your authority website MUST be a WordPress blog and you should use common themes used by others on the internet.  If you have the skill to setup and run a membership site, your authority website should be a membership site.  I will set up membership sites for a fee.

On your authority website blog, you want to have a lot of posts but you want to control them so that they only contain pertinent information to your keyword.  If your website is earn money online than make sure you include words related to making money online.

One secret to posting is to put up the site and back date and post date your posts.  You do that in WordPress by posting the page then going back and editing the page.  Now you can edit the date.  The newest posts should be on top but you can sticky the post to keep it above other regular posts.  Look how I dated this website to keep it on top.

Your posts should be unique.  In other words do not post duplicates of what is on the internet.  You can take someone else’s article and spin it with a good spinner to make it unique.  I discuss or will discuss all the software someplace on this website I use to help you earn money at home.

If your authority website is a membership website, you can drip content on your members to keep them returning and logging in frequently.

Keep your website posts to around 500 words.  With that said, I will write more in the next post.